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Automotive Solution

The ERP based Dealer Management System (DMS), developed on the Dynamics platform, is a customer focused and centralized Dealer Management solution.   

Why DMS;

  • Providing better services to the customer and being more competitive.
  • Customer satisfaction approach throughout the lifecycle makes it possible to execute vehicle sales and after-sales services online (without integration) for the head office and the dealer network on a single platform.
  • Need for a platform that can meet the requirements of sales and after-sales business units more quickly and agile in order to increase competitive advantage against changing market conditions.
  • Increasing operational efficiency of sales and after sales processes
  • Making easier to share data between head office and the dealers.
  • Tracking information of customers and prospects individually and instantly.
  • Instant tracking of the KPI’s.


  • Vehicle sales
  • Spare Parts
  • Service
  • Hasar Takip
  • Warranty
  • Survey
  • SMS
  • Barcode/Mobile
  • Accounting


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