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Construction and Project Management - CONSPRO

Effective Project Management

The successful implementation of Project Management starts with the preparation of a realistic budget with key milestones and is achieved through the utilization of the resources in the best possible planned way and in a timely manner. Instant availability of the reports to show the progress in every activity in physical and monetary terms, costs and revenues and every other information needed for the project are critical to the project management. The timely accurate information saves time for managers and enables them to make proactive decisions.

Industry-specific Solution

CONSPRO Construction and Project solutions developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations Platform provide you with accurate, instant information in desired detail level. The information to be processed is entered into the system at their source for all units and for all phases. Each unit contributes to the whole project in line with their role and responsibilities within the project management.

Building Cost and Revenue Budgets

The budgeting process starts with the determination of the activities and their cost. BOQ (Bill of Quantities) in monetary and physical units are detailed for these activities. The cost budget includes the material, depreciation or leasing expenses for machinery and equipment, labor, energy, other cost items, and general and administrative expenses as well as subcontractors’ costs. The budgeted cost can be entered into the system manually or with Excel templates. Then the construction contract with the employer is used to build the budgeted revenues


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