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CRM Construction Solution

Dynamics 365 CRM Solution for the Housing Industry

CRM solution for the housing industry is an end-to-end business solution developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365. The solution enables you to create a customer-focused approach and develop your sales, marketing, after-sales, and service processes. This will help you improve your brand image, your productivity and provide an effective business alliance between departments.        

Çözüm Microsoft Office ve Outlook ile entegredir, aynı zamanda CRM'de yer alan satış otomasyonu, müşteri hizmetleri ve pazarlama modüllerini kullanmaktadır. Kullanıcıların raporlara ve bilgilere anında ve kolayca erişebilmelerini sağlamak amacıyla Power BI ve CRM içerisinde gösterge tabloları oluşturulmuştur.



The structure provides the ability to keep all of the information related to prospects and customers individually for the housing industry.

Real estate inventory in which a company has, related features and sales information can be stored within the CRM system.

All activities (interactions, appointments, telephone calls, etc.) related to customers are monitored through the system.

All of the activities (interactions, meetings, phone calls, etc.) about the customer can be tracked through the system.

The solution enables you to professionally manage the effectiveness, performance and control of the sales process. The system includes reporting tools (Dynamics 365 CRM Reports & Dashboards & Excel & Power BI) for sales activities and salespeople's performance evaluations.


Details of all options and booking transactions are followed through the system.


The activities related to the sales transactions can be followed in detail. Performance evaluations of sales activities and sales personnel can be done easily on the system through the target definitions.


All financial instruments required for sales (down payment, credit, bill, check, interim payment, payment on delivery, etc.) can be defined within the system and automatic payment plans can be created during sales. If required, received payments can be tracked through integration with the ERP system. Customer and sales information can be also transferred to the ERP system.


All documents required to be signed by the customer and received during the sales transactions can be obtained through the system.


After-sales services also include the functions necessary for performance and audit, similar to the sales process:

  • Customer request and complaint management

  • Call center management

  • Social media management 

  • Delivery processes management

  • Deed and subscription processes management

  • Work Order and Operative Management

  • Customer satisfaction survey management



  • Improves productivity by standardizing and accelerating internal processes.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM accelerates the process of creating and accessing information as it integrates strongly with Outlook and is accessible from mobile devices.
  • Sales and marketing modules help you communicate effectively with your customers.
  • It accelerates your sales by managing and auditing the sales cycle more effectively and receiving all the printed forms from the CRM system.
  • The customer service module helps you deal with customer complaints and after-sales services in a fast and flawless manner.
  • Advanced reporting tools in Power BI, Excel, and Dynamics 365 CRM helps you focus on your customers, sales, customer service, and campaign analysis.
  • Surveys and social media management allows you to track customer experience and satisfaction.
  • Provides the ability to integrate and work with any ERP system

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