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It is a form of invoicing where all the stages of electronic invoicing, creation, sending, storage, and submission are carried out electronically. Taxpayers and public institutions that have the status of Joint Stock Company or Limited Liability Company who want to issue and send electronic invoices, with their user accounts created on the Electronic Invoice Application;

• It can send electronic invoices to registered users.

• It can receive electronic invoices from registered users.

• By downloading the sent or received electronic invoices to their computers, they can be kept in electronic form and presented when requested.

Basic Invoice Scenario

Basic Invoice Scenario is the scenario that deals with the status of reaching the e-Invoice from the sending system to the receiving system. In this scenario, if there is no technical problem (such as lack of required fields, data corruption, signature invalidity) in the e-Invoice sent to it, the institution must accept the e-Invoice.

Commercial Invoice Scenario

In addition to the Basic Invoice Scenario, the PO Box has the right to ACCEPT, RET or RETURN the invoice. In other words; The e-Invoice Application expects the institution to notify whether it will accept the e-invoice sent to it. Acceptance, rejection or return notification must be signed and transmitted and archived, as in sending a new e-invoice.

Our E-Invoice solution developed on Dynamics Ax can work with integration and integrator method. United Experts E-invoice solution advantages;

With the Ax E-invoice module, you fulfill all your obligations on a single system.

No separate portal or system is needed

Integrated with your existing AX processes

Installation takes place with minimal intervention in your AX environment

Archiving invoice data is easy and fast to archive

Provides user management and authorization

Provides shortening of accounting, confirmation and payment processes

It can be integrated into other processes such as e-ledger and e-declaration,

The application has a traceable infrastructure.

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