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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a next-generation intelligent business application that allows your organization to grow, evolve and change. Dynamics 365 comprises set of applications designed to help you manage CRM & ERP features and specific organizational functions. It also enables you to meet your organization's needs and capture new business opportunities.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations is an ERP application that enables users to make smarter decisions quickly through an intelligent user interface that provides real-time predictions and access to data. It also provides a platform for transformation and innovation that allows businesses to redesign their processes more quickly with proven business logic. Dynamics 365 provides companies the flexibility to work from anywhere and anytime and also able to scale the solution to meet their organizations' needs.  

Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations can be used as a decision support tool that can help for making data-driven decisions by gathering data from various sources such as Excel spreadsheets, web analytics, databases, and CRM systems and transferring this data to personalized panes, workspaces and reports. Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations not only helps you get deeper business information but also provides the ability to predict business needs for financial experts by gathering business intelligence tools such as Microsoft Power BI, Azure Machine Learning and Cortana Analytics.

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