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Microsoft Dynamics AX is a next-generation ERP solution that unifies all the processes of your company on a single platform. Dynamics AX provides the foundation for a strong system which helps to build successful partnerships with your customers, business partners, staff and suppliers.

Production is one of the most important and critical processes of an organization. Providing efficiency and savings at the top level and making production flexible and special, offers a great competitive advantage in this important process. Microsoft Dynamics AX makes possible to integrate the manufacturing process with other business functions thus provides a basis for this advantage is to be realized. Reducing inventory and warehousing costs, easily producing complex products, and managing all kinds of flows, especially raw materials and information, are just a few of the features offered by Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Master Planning: The Master Planning feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX is a tool that automates the entire flow of material from suppliers to production and customers. Together with Microsoft Dynamics AX, organizations gain the ability to use the information from all parts of the supply chain to optimize production and material procurement processes. Microsoft Dynamics AX also enables you to measure the effectiveness of your projects by tracking them based on time, resources and work steps. This results in many advantages such as efficient use of the capacity, rapid response to changes, timely and accurate deliveries, optimization of stock processes and cost reduction. Making comprehensive analyzes on the outcome of the work and the overall performance of the company as a result of continuous comparisons of the reports generated from daily activities with strategic plans is possible with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Configurator: Offering customized products related to customer's needs and expectations is getting more important for ensuring customer loyalty. Microsoft Dynamics AX allows organizations to tailor production to customer expectations by making ordering, planning and production processes customizable. Moreover, this can easily be done via Windows or web interfaces.

Production: Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to increase productivity and reduce costs by support your production process with tools based on forecasting. It also provides the ability to track the material flow, make production and capacity planning, and to manage and monitor production with the help of charts (ex. Gannt diagram) throughout the production processes. Thus, the production flow will be seamless and the flexibility of the production is increased through optimizing the available resources. Also, being able to track production processes in every level provides great advantages.

Shop floor control: Ensuring the effective flow of the personnel information, raw materials and data are crucial for the sake of the production process. Microsoft Dynamics 365 allows this flow to run seamlessly throughout the production process.

  • Managing project-based orders through Dynamics 365 integrated solution helps you to get the following advantages:
  • Transferring data from sales order to production with Project-based tracking
  • Just in time production with effective planning
  • Faster workflows, improved delivery times with alert rules
  • Project-based cost and profitability analysis
  • Project-based traceability
  • Decreasing  management costs
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

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