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Electronic invoicing is a type of invoicing that creating, sending, saving and submitting of the invoices are carried out electronically. Taxpayers and public institutions that are in the status of a Joint Stock Company or Limited Company who want to create and submit electronic invoices with the user accounts they have created on the Electronic Invoice Application can do the followings;

• Sending electronic invoices to the existing users.

• Receiving electronic invoices from the existing users.

• Downloading and storing electronic invoices in a digital environment and also submitting when needed.

Basic Invoice Scenario

Basic Invoice Scenario comprises only the situation in which the e-Invoice arrives at the receiving system from the sending system. In this scenario, the institution must accept the e-Invoice if there is no mistake such as lack of mandatory fields, data corruption, and signature invalidation.

Commercial Invoice Scenario

  • You can fulfill all of the requirements through one system
  • You don't need any additional system or portal
  • Integrates with your existing AX processes
  • Your AX environment is set up with minimum interference
  • Ability to easily archive and recall the invoice data
  • Provides user management and authorization
  • Makes accounting, confirmation and payment processes shorter
  • It can be integrated with other processes like e-Journal and e-Commitment
  • The application has a traceable infrastructure

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