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Energy Solution - BillAX

BillAX is a sectoral solution developed on the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP platform for meeting the requirements of the energy sector. The solution provides basic functions such as consumption analysis, meter follow up, invoicing, receiving automation and dealer bonus system through PMUM integration and enables effective customer management with Dynamics CRM integration.

BillAX allows you to make accurate decisions quickly.

Energy is one of the leading industries of rapidly developing sectors in our country. Companies operating in this sector are required to closely follow developments in the energy market and adapt quickly to change. It's significantly important to use technology and automation in order to keep abreast of the regulations and obligations imposed and to apply them rapidly. Regardless of the scale, a good ERP solution is required to manage costs well, make timely and accurate decisions, and ultimately increase productivity. It is now easier to follow the innovations with BillAX.

Fundamental Features;

Seamless invoicing workflow with different consumption types (pmum, forecast, gddk) and control algorithms

Real-time accessibility to processes for each department connected to the company with CRM integration

Integrated Finance and Accounting system,

Easy reporting, excel output on each screen with one click,

The opportunity for companies to meet their own needs with internal resources through open source architecture

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